Due to ever increasing competitiveness of telecommunication market, KIVI helped the company to create and design a loyalty program, which rewards their subscribers for their long term loyalty.

Subscribers and members receive points, rewarding their loyalty to the company (if they are subscribed to their services) or rewarding their shopping on the company webstore. The loyalty program is based on a progressive scale, where a long term subscribers gain more points. Members can use the points to shop for products or services on the T-2 Klub’s webstore at discounted prices or can use the points to reduce their monthly subscription bills or use them for many other benefits (event tickets, gallery exhibitions etc.),

 In the year 2016 we completely overhaul the website giving it a new image as well as improved customer experience


T-2 loyalty program goals 

  • growing and maintaining the customer base for the longest possible time, reducing the outflow of customers
  • increase the income and value-added services per customer (cross-selling, up-selling, additional benefits for members etc.)
  • adding new members and subscribers.


T-2 webstore can also be used by non-members as well as by non-subscribers of T-2 services, as the webstore target is a broader audience with a goal of conversion to their services.

Integration of back-end systems

T-2 Klub webstore is tightly integrated with the company’s back-end applications.

In practice this means that clients who purchased the product or service on the webstore, can pay for and activate the service right on the T-2 portal and the service is activated by the company immediately after the order is concluded on the webstore.


The development of the online store is affected by many factors: store size and number of products, automatic products import, payment methods, integration with your ERP system, etc. We provide a thorough UX & UI strategy of the web store and advise and guide you through the whole process.


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