A world where every package always find it's way home.

With Direct4.me, consumers will never have to pick up their package from the post office again because logistics companies will be able to deliver their packages regardless of whether they are home or not.



Seamless delivery

Receive your packages without having to answer your phone, open the door or leave an important meeting.


First attempt delivery

Direct4.me smart parcel lockers are open for deliveries 24/7 and do not require the presence of the recipient.


Convenient shopping

Buying a new pair of shoes online is as simple as few clicks. Receiving the package should also be that simple.


Additional services

Smart lockers can be utilized for additional services offered by the partners through the marketplace, such as dry cleaning services.

Howdoes it work?

Direct4.me enables its users to receive and send their packages seamlessly and successfully every time.


When the logistics company receives the package, it also receives the delivery details and Direct4.me reservation. The courier is then authorized to complete the last yard and drop the package by opening the D-Box with his mobile phone. Recipients can either pick up the package themselves or authorize another person to do it for them.

Open platform for deliveries and returns

1. Purchase: User orders product online and selects their preferred Direct4.me parcel locker as the destination.

2. Logistic company: Delivery optimization results in cost savings and enables logistics companies to deliver packages outside of the traditional delivery times.

3. Delivery: Courier successfully delivers the package to the locker without calling and scheduling with the customer or returning the item to the depot.

4. Receiving: The resident is notified through the app after the package has been delivered to the locker. He simply opens the locker with his phone to retrieve the package.

A simple to use D-Box

Powerful without power

Our D-Boxes are battery-powered and require no power supply.

Installed easier than Ikea

Mounting the smart locker is as simple as plug&play.

Phone is all you need

Users and couriers only need a phone (smart or feature) to manage the D-Box.

Smart without full-time connectivity

D-Boxes utilize the phone’s microphone and speaker for all data communication.



Direct4.me, Inc.

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Partner for Slovenia:

Kivi Com d.o.o.

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PE Ljubljana: Jarška cesta 10b, 1000 Ljubljana

Tel: 02 88 39 400

Email: info@kivi.eu

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