We have developed and implemented the Reza 3S application based on situation snapshots and optimization of services for their customers. The application is constantly enhanced and upgraded following the ever changing operational processes of their customers.

AliReza Group is one of the biggest business groups in Saudi Arabia and includes many different companies. One of them is offering service of fresh air maintenance in indoor spaces (hotels, offices, large enterprises, banks and similar institutions)

Web Application with the central database

  • Analyzing opportunities and creating offers
  • Customer and contract management
  • Inventory planning
  • Service work scheduling and travel optimization
  • Integration with ERP system (inventory, billing etc.)
  • Customers have access to all data relating to contracts with Reza Group, history of visits and possibility to order non-scheduled service
  • Field service personnel are operating palm held devices or tablets with the application, exchanging data with the central database (new work orders, completed service visits, pictures from the field etc.)
  • Navigation integration, enabling travel route optimization as well as a real time tracking of service personnel

Ontime and efficient services for thousands of customers

Reza Group is currently using the application in four countries: Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Quatar and United Arab Emirates (UAE).


The application has created a value-added as well as a competitive advantage for the company.


With digital and technological upgrades of your existing system, you can now offer your customers a 24/7 access and management of their account information.

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