Mobility of the future appears to go electric. Electricity is becoming one of the strongest propulsion systems in a day-to-day transportation. The key element for its success is a development of charging station infrastructure.

We believe, that the concept of E-mobility is a step forward in the future, on grounds of estimations that there will be around 10 million electric cars in motion in 2020. That is why KIVI, in co-operation with the company Plan-net developed a system of e-charging stations, which are stationed within shopping centres, airports, in front of municipalities, administrative units and are meant for simplified use during everyday errands.

Portal functionalities

All existing users have access to a public portal, which enables:

  • E-charging stations data base with locations and various other informations, such as opening hours, price-lists, number of parking spots, purpose of stations, connector types, etc.
  • search engine and route calculation,
  • searching for charging stations (country, region, city).


User experience:

  • User registration,
  • user profile,
  • charging station reservation,
  • in-sight into the charging history of and individual user.


Mobile app functionalities

  • E-charging stations map overview, with specialised search engine and filters included,
  • list of stations overview,
  • user registration and log-in,
  • overview and editing possibilities of users's data (My profile),
  • charging and payment history review,,
  • charging support with QR code scanning integration,
  • push notifications,
  • credit card transactions integration.



Solution background

The solution consists of various interconnected solutions:

  • CSS (Central Supervisory System),
  • publicly accessible portal for users
  • mobile app,
  • billing system,
  • data roaming networks integration (Hubject, NewMotion).

CSS functionalities:

  • Editing, adding, erasing and temporary disabling of charging stations
  • E-charging stations on / off turning,
  • socket disabling,
  • charging station / socket status display,
  • charging management.



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