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Supporting your business processes and assisting you with digital transformation to suite your needs, so you can become even better.



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- Accelerate digital development of your company. -

Together, we will develop an advanced web system, which will integrate all your IT systems as well as applications and communications.

B2B & B2C with loyalty programs

Utilize the web and open a store, where your customers can shop 24/7 and get rewarded for their confidence and loyalty.



Custom applications

Tailored applications and systems for business support are complex applications that will enable you to automate complicated functions and thus transform the complex into the efficient.



Self-service portals

Self- service system is one of the key elements for the customers excellent experience with the company. The user who can manage its information 24/7 by himself, is a satisfied user



Expert systems

 Intelligent computer software using expert knowledge and human deduction capabilities for solving problems and eliminating subjective mistakes from the process at the same time. 



Advanced websites

Modern, complex, technologically perfected advanced websites, with simple management tools integrated into your business process and adjusted to mobile-first.



Digital marketing

We take care of content, search marketing, social media, website editing, SEO analytics and reporting. Your communication is enhanced by strategic approach. At the end, the content is king.




Blockchain technology can be implemented in any solution which data storage requires security, traceability and transparency, by decentralized data storage verified by numerous confirmations on the blockchain. Transactions are possible directly between the end users without intermediaries.

Smart Contracts

Smart contracts facilitate the automatic execution of business processes that employ smart contracts, for transferring value, products, securities or channeling of events by use of pre-determined conditions written in the smart contract. The applications run on Ethereum network or similar alternative networks.

Crowd Funding – ICO

ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is a modern solution for raising money for different projects, new ideas and new start-ups, by employing crowdfunding techniques thru ICOs. KIVI is offering a complete support for executing a successful ICO.


"More than 20 years of experience and more than 600 diveresed web projects for our clients has created one very strong crew of professionals."


Together with you, our client, and with our diverse knowledge and proven methodologies, we create useful and scalable web solutions, tailored to your needs and needs of your customers.