The project is the real estate management companies’ portal, striving to enhance their services for users (owners and tenants) and simultaneously reduce the cost of their services. Portal allows for access to the data related to a particular unit, expenses, energy usage, reserve find, building documents, management report and other information.


Two-way communication on the portal is reducing the cost of call center and is providing for communication of different subjects by the tenant, for example change in number of person occupying the premises, energy meter readings, Q and A for the manager and similar. At the same time the manager, thru the portal can inform all concerned about the current affairs etc

Complete view of real estate data

  • Improved service by giving a complete access to the real estate users concerning  data of their real estate
  • Entry of energy meter reading thru the portal directly to your billing application
  • Two-way communication
  • Transparency of the business
  • Implementing paperless billing (e-bill)
  • Possibility of offering additional,  new or non-standard services
  • Energy and other cost analytics and cost comparison

Integration possibilities

Portal can be completely integrated with existing information solutions.

Certain processes can be fully automated, reducing the manual work and by using the portal the work load of property management will be significantly reduced.



With digital and technological upgrades of your existing system, you can now offer your customers a 24/7 access and management of their account information.