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VALÚ smart wallet

VALÚ smart mobile wallet, which is issued by Telekom Slovenije, is a result of the joint effort by Kivi Com, Margento R&D and Imovation.si, who partnered-up to execute a very complex project.

VALÚ smart wallet is not only a mobile payment method, which is increasingly popular in Slovenia. It is a new generation of financial solutions for a fast and convenient use of intertwined local services wit the efficient management of financial resources.


Created: 2019, Platform: DNN


www.valu.si >

Intra constructor

Intra constructor is a web portal, which enables It's users an option to personalise their lightning system. The user experience is very simple, precise, with an addition of It's products bing finalised in less than a minute.


Created: 2018 , Platform: DNN

www.intra-constructor.com >

SLOfit + mojSLOfit

SLOfit portal and mojSLOfit application together represent a holistic solution for physical and motion development tracking of youth. MojSLOfit application enables It's users an insight into their development archive over a certain period of time with an additional feature of displaying potential health risks. All functionalities mentioned above are conducted due to the so called PE grading tests.

Up until today, over million children were part of the programme.


Created: 2017, Platform: DNN

www.en.slofit.org >

Redesigned ELES

For the custodian of the Slovenian electric energy system, we completely redesigned their old website - visual, technical and content upgrade. The large website offers a huge amount of useful information about the company as well as real time data about the current flows, grid functions etc. The website provides the support for the company's core functions as well as it's means to communicate with public and the society at large.


Created: 2017, Platform: DNN

www.eles.si >

OptiTech connected car platform

OptiTech project means the development of a connected car platform, which represents the concept of a »plug&play« device for simple use, complemented with advanced software. All parameters measured within the system are combined into a whole unit of data called »driver score«.

Because we want to develop this project in frames of innovation, we also decided to implement Blockchain technology into the system, in order to make it immutable and as transparent as possible.

And due to our aim to simplify the user experience, we displayed all data stored in our system by a web portal, where users and administrators can analyse the current state of their vehicle fleet.

CVV Murska Sobota

We have recently re-designed the image of our client's website Center for safe driving in Murska Sobota, who actively participates in people's everyday lives by raising awareness and caution among drivers. Besides that, CVV Murska Sobota also hosts expert trainings and organised car crashes for expert testing purposes.


Created: 2018 , Platform: DNN

www.vadba-varne-voznje.si >

Grant Thornton

Grant Thornton Slovenia takes part of a global corporation, which is considered as one of the leading players in the world of corporate and tax consulting. These goals are also what helped the Slovenian company to be a part of this successful story, in which their experts strive to insure highest standards of support to their clients.


Created: 2018 , Platform: DNN

www.grantthornton.si/en >

Lip Bohinj

We refreshed the corporate identity of the company Lip Bohinj with a new website design, which highlights their broad assortment, accompanied with 70 years of working experience.


Created: 2018 , Platform: DNN

www.lip-bohinj.si/en >

Intra Lighting

Intra Lighting is a company, with 28 years of working experience, during which they've been able to involve their products into everyday lives of people living in 60 countries. They are in co-operation with various designers who seek to improve every detail, while still maintaining the simplicity of shapes.


Created: 2018 , Platform: DNN

www.intra-lighting.com >

Reza Hygiene

REZA INVESTMENT COMPANY is a group, which consists of over 20 successful companies from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain and UAE. RezaGroup.com represents a united form of above mentioned companies, who together aim to reach hygiene and cleanliness standards in numerous industries.

We are proud to be a part of such a successful project with our website re-design solution.


Created: 2017, Platform: DNN

www.rezahygiene.com >


The SINCRO.GRID project is an investment project regarding smart grids of European meaning, in which there are four partners taking part: ELES, SODO, HOPS, HEP ODS, who are developing this project in Slovenia and Croatia.

Compensation devices for reactive power control, battery electricity storage systems, dynamic thermal rating system and virtual cross-border control centre will be used within the SINCRO.GRID project.

Created:: 2018, Platform: DNN

www.sincrogrid.eu >


KGZS institute Ptuj

We have re-designed the website of Agricultural Chamber of Commerce Ptuj, which is currently a leading professional institution in planning and executing development of agriculture in the Podravska region.


Created: 2017, Platform: DNN

www.kgz-ptuj.si. >

KGZ Ljubljana

Agricultural Chamber of Commerce Ljubljana works a public institution in a field of agriculture with a purpose of educating residents of the countryside and acknowledging It's users about current novelties in agricultural policies, which they also help implementing.


Created: 2018, Platform: DNN

www.lj.kgz.si. >

GZS food catalog

Food catalog for public procurement is a web application, which will simplify understanding of food types and establishing various sets. The catalog is also meant as a tool of informative nature in terms of market analysis with additional possibilities of product data gathering


Created: 2018, Platform: DNN

www.katalogzivil.si >

Gospodarska zbornica Slovenije - Slovenian Chamber of Commerce

Web portal of GZS (Slovenian Chamber of Commerce) is the largest in Slovenia. Comprised of more than 150 pages, it is edited by the staff of more than 50 editors. It is accessed by a large number of diverse users, primarily due to the highly developed editing system.


Created: 2014 - 2015, Platform: DNN

www.gzs.si >

New Elektro Ljubljana

Redesign of the vast website of Elektro Ljubljana, an enterprise with a 120- year history, has delivered a modern, fast and functionally even more advanced web presence for the company. We have improved and sped up the user experience and highlighted the most important information for the user. The system is integrated with the back-end operational systems and shows a real-time data about the grid. We have also redesigned My Grid system.



Created: 2017, Platform: DNN

www.elektro-ljubljana.si >

Fleet purchase of electric vehicles

The company Plan-net Solar d.o.o. organized a fleet purchase of 6 models of electric vehicles, thus providing a substantial savings for the buyers. The time limited action was supported with our website and marketing 


Created: 2017, Platform: DNN

skupinski.elektricni-avtomobili.si >

FTPO faculty

Originally a college for technology of polymers has migrated it's status and became a Faculty for the technology of polymers. With the change of status, we upgraded their website and together with the client, vastly improved the content as well as the functional speed of the site. The site is now much easier to use, the content is up to date. Shortly we will publish the English version as well.



Created: 2017, Platform: DNN

www.ftpo.eu >

Redesigned T-2 klub

T-2 Klub is an extremely efficient combination of a self-service portal and web based B2C store and is used by club members and other users as well. It is integrated with the company back-end systems and its loyalty program. The store offers more than 1200 products.



Created: 2013 in 2016, Platform: DNN

klub.t-2.net >

Redesigned website TEHNOS

Tehnos is a Slovenian company, manufacturing agricultural equipment and related products. Since more than 90% of their business is international, we are preparing the website to be published in 20 different languages. Modern and responsive design as well as the content, provide a fast overview and selection of the equipment and thus support the sales activities of the company



Created: 2013 in 2017, Platform: DNN

www.tehnos.si >

Gremo na elektriko - electric car charging station search engine

Redesigned old portal "Elektro črpalke".Today the portal with a new face, new look and new trademark "Gremo na Elektriko". Search engine and related maps have been upgraded in cooperation with Elektroljubljana and agency Yin + Young. Charge station locations, charge monitoring, station registry, all has been upgraded to an advanced, fast and secure system 



Created: 2016, Platform: DNN

www.gremonaelektriko.si >

Margento mobile transactions

Margento is a Slovenian and international company involved in development of electronic payment systems and mobile transactions. We created a modern corporate website, showcasing their innovative work and supporting their efforts at important international markets.



Created: 2017, Platform: DNN

www.margento.com >


After almost 10 years of our relationship with LIP BLED, we upgraded their web presence with the new image and functionality of their website, which now functions as a web store. A large catalog of doors and other home construction products enables the customers to select the furnishings for the home in a few clicks. Similarly, we will upgrade the foreign language versions as well, to support their presence in international markets.



Created: 2016, Platform: NopCommerce

www.lip-bled.si >

Komunala Slovenj Gradec

For the communal service company of Slovenj Gradec, we created a modern and content rich website, with the main purpose to inform and educate consumers. Website is integrated with the existing portal for consumers and has been developed for the mobile use as well. Our customer has furnished its own content (photos from the field etc.) which makes the site even more interesting


Created: 2016, Platform: DNN

www.komusg.si >

SLOfit or ŠVK - website and application

Testing in the framework of ŠVK has been going on in Slovenia for about 30 years. Project SLOfit is networking with all interested users, who have interest in test results - students, teachers, parents, doctors etc. Parents can track their children's progress, teachers have the ability to objectively improve the quality of physical education lessons (PE), and on the other hand, doctors can advise parents on their children's free time activities preferences.

All functionalities mentioned above are also complemented with an innovative mojSLOfit application offering a detailed insight into data analysis.


Created: 2016, Platform: DNN

wwww.slofit.org >

Law firm MMI

The modern design of the MMI law firm website is far from proverbially boring lawyers websites. With modern design, interesting current content and flexibility, it offers a quick access to desired information


Created: 2016, Platform: DNN

www.mmi.si >


LabelProfi is a professional company specializing in labels and digital printing of labels. They do business with many distinguished world brands who pay attention to packaging and labeling as part of their image. We have created the website to showcase their knowledge, references and innovation. We will upgrade the whole experience by adding an English and German version of the site.



Created: 2016, Platform: DNN

www.labelprofi.si >

SATLER doors and windows

In 2016 we started with a complete overhaul of all language versions of the website. With fresh image and improved user experience, we first upgraded the Slovene version, with detailed offering of the products and showcasing the capabilities of the company, which is also present on the social networks


Created: 2013 in 2016, Platform: DNN

www.okna-satler.si >

NAŠ STIK web magazine

Naš Stik - web and printed magazine of Slovenian electric power industry.

The magazine with years of tradition, has been publishing its articles and other content on the website, creating an archive of the material and advanced search options. In 2016, we completely redesigned the site, gave it a fresh look and more user- friendly experience.



Created: 2016, Platform: DNN

www.nas-stik.si >


ZAPLEŠI SI is a website of the dance school from Maribor. We have envisioned the website to be an attractive web point for dancers and others, where they can see the information about dance classes, timetables, pricelists etc. and can subscribe online. The website is integrated into social media, where the dance school is active.

Created: 2016, Platform: DNN

www.zaplesi.si >


Mikro-Polo is a company specializing in welding and their products are available for sale thru their sales program. As their partner of many years, we created their prsence online, supporting their sales with a new website in this specific field, which is also integrated with other websites of the company (MarketLabinteriorMikro+Polo) .


Created: 2016, Platform: PIAcms

www.varjenje.net >


MIKRO+POLO is the largest supplier for laboratories in Slovenia. It's business model for many years has been channeling the sales online. Mikro-Polo.si and Mikro-Polo Market are the web stores for B2B and B2C with the loyalty program and full integration into their ERP system

Created: 2015 - 2016, Platform: PIAcms

www.mikro-polo.si >


T TOČKA is offering a special point of sale app, which is a fast and simple management tool for electronic payments at single point of sale (bill payments, lottery payments, city transport tickets, event tickets etc.). For the kiosk chain Tobačna 3DVA, we developed a website informing their clients about these services and added and interactive search tool for T TOČKA locations in Slovenia

Implemented: 2016, Platform: DNN

www.t-tocka.si >


Turnaplast is a company within the Turna Group of companies, and it's a major supplier of plastic components for the European appliance industry. We have created a complete online visual presence (CGP ) for  the company as well as the website conforming to the websites of the group



Implemented: 2016, Platform: DNN

www.turnaplast.si >


Web store for sporting goods

Smaller web store with the major store functionality: purchases without registration, customer registration, wish-list that can be forwarded, order tracking, past orders review with one click reorder feature, order status tracking with automatic  email updates, discount codes, gift certificates and more


Implemented: 2015, Platform: NopCommerce

www.endvatri.si >

Elektro energija

Redesigned website of the company, with the feature of presenting different energy suppliers, where customers can, with a few clicks, change the supplier or order a different package of products and services. It is also the entry point for all information as well as for the self-service portal Moja Energija



Implemented: 2015, Platform: DNN

www.elektro-energija.si >

Komunalno podjetje Vrhnika

Website for the Communal Services Company of Vrhnika. Company offers information about services as well as other information interesting to the city residents. Editors of the site are very engaged in the publishing of new and interesting information and the site has been a great success.



Implemented: 2015, Platform: DNN

www.kpv.si >


System of innovative laboratory furnishings

We have designed a website to introduce the modular laboratory furniture, developed by Mikro+Polo company. We created a multi lingual informative website which will be upgraded with the online store, where their clients will be able to design and select their lab furniture, right on the website



Implemented: 2015, Platform: PIAcms

www.labinterior.si >

Expert system for welding

For the company NIEROS Metal we developed an expert system, for more efficient and advanced work preparation and planning in the industry of welding. System is fully integrated into their information system and is at the same time a market product – an add-on module for all ERP systems.

The solution is an innovation and the first on the market. It has received a gold medal for innovation by the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce



Implemented: 2015, Platform: Expert System

Agency POTI

Performing educational programs, seminars and workshops

Website for the agency POTI. A calendar of educational events together with the library are the key elements of the company’s web store, enabling the company to timely and accurately presents the information to their clients.


Implemented: 2015, Platform: DNN

www.www.agencija-poti.si >


Research without boundaries

A modern website of the agency for public opinion research, market research and customer loyalty programs


Implemented: 2014, Platform: DNN

www.episcenter.si >

Intra lighting


Smart lighting solutions need a website that illuminates the challenges of lighting design for different environments.

A multilingual portal is meant for the architects and lighting designers and for the end users as well

Lighting projects made easy



Created: 2014, Platform: PIAcms


Ljubljana Arbitration Centre

Permanent arbitration with the Chamber of  Commerce o fSlovenia is an independent arbitration, organizing and providing the support for dispute resolution to their clients. The website is supporting the institution and is addressing the users in several languages


Created : 2014, Platform: DNN

www.sloarbitration.eu >


Reza Group

REZA INVESTMENT COMPANY is a group of more than 20 very successful companies from Saudi Arabia, Quatar, Bahrain and UAE. Web portal RezaGroup.com is the entry point to these companies, and we at KIVIcom are managing their web presence.



Created: 2014, Platform: DNN

www.rezagroup.com >

Hotel of good Teran

Dislocated accommodations Hotel – a new generation of hotels in Slovenia by the producers of the Teran wine in the Karst region. Rooms at different wine producers are easily found and booked on the website


Created: 2014, Platform: DNN

www.hoteldobregaterana.si >


Turna is a partner of many world- renowned manufactures of domestic appliances, as well as other industries, providing development from ideas to production. Even on the level of such industries, it's obvious that a first- class design of the website with excellent content is very important in dealing with the competition and in opening of new business opportunities



Created: 2013 - 2014, Platform: DNN

www.turna.si >


FIDA is a Slovenian brand and trademark of skis and other sports gear. KIVIcom has been involved in the brand development since the begining of the project, creating its image and providing visual presentations of the company and its products. We also manage their web presence.

FIDA – top quality sports gear



Created: 2013, Platform: DNN

www.fidasports.com >


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