An important advantage of the expert systems is that the accumulated know-how stays with the company and the know-how management becomes part of the business process

Expert system or an intelligent database is a service oriented application, which enables capture, classification and recording of existing and new know-how, needed for some specialized area of production. Since it’s functioning as an independent application, it could be integrated into any information system available on the market.

Innovative tool

combining databases and semantic technology.

With the development of an expert system, the company systemically captures specialized know-how and with the help of semantics technology, uses it for optimization and improvement of work flows.

Such know-how becomes the property of the company and ensures a long term development.

Expert system also facilitates the flow of know-how between all involved in the company, thus upgrading the existing information system.



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  • Know-how becomes the ownership of the company and ensures continuous development. It facilitates the flow of knowledge between participants in the company.
  • Solving of determined, well defined problems within a specialized area.
  • Optimization of the work process and automation of time consuming processes, where the possibility of mistakes is great.
  • Elimination of human errors.
  • Possibility of complete integration with the company’s business systems ( ERP).
  • Simple to use with multilayer user interface.
  • Easy to learn and to educate and train new professionals. 


Expert systems also open the doors for new possibilities to use the know-how in different areas of the company (technology spill-over)​

Use case example

Management of the know-how is a pre-condition to achieve a competitive advantage in the global market

Read more about how we developed and implemented an innovative expert system for welding (ESV) for the Slovenian manufacturing company NIEROS Metal.

ESV was awarded a regional gold medal for innovation by OZ Koroska and nominated in 2016 for the national award


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Expert systems in semantic technologies are opening the doors for new use, transfer and upgrading of the know-how in the company. Specialized areas are becoming more manageable and competitive.