VALÚ wallet is a result of the teamwork of three companies, which partnered-up to provide the best solution possible.

We at Kivi Com have been involved with the project since the inception, when it was just an idea. Throughout the development of two years, we provided the input of the application logic, especially for the UX/UI component, which we ultimately heleped to develop, implemented the web services, integrated wallet top-up through WS Pay, developed the product marketplace solution with related loyalty program, developed the VALÚ website etc.

Margento R&D's technology powers the new wallet through its own patented technology of Data Over Voice (DOV), as well as the transactions processing and the rest of the back-end system. has successfuly implemented the wallet into the production environment and is operating the whole system.

Mobile financial solutions

  • Payment at the physical locations via the Margento terminal
  • Device connections via voice token (DOV), NFC tap, QR code or 6-digit manual code
  • E-commerce payments at verified web stores
  • Sending of funds to another person
  • Receiving funds from another person
  • Bill-splitting among friends (restaurant bills, buying gifts etc.)
  • Account top-up by credit/debit cards, transfer from bank account, cash payment at any Telekom Slovenije retail center,  by VALÚ Moneta
  • Transfer of funds from VALÚ to bank account or cash-out at any Telekom center
  • Integration with public transportation providers in Slovenia


Mobile app functionalities

  • Current available balance 
  • Past transactions overview
  • Open transactions - receive and send funds (P2P)
  • List of locations that accept VALÚ
  • Location search by proximity, based on the user's GPS location
  • Notifications in the app and SMS (deposit received etc.)
  • App lock up by secure code, fingerprint or face recognition
  • link third-party apps into VALÚ
  • Personal data and PIN management in the app
  • Access customer support from the app, including FAQ


Kivi Com solutions

  • VALÚ website and app content
  • user registration and identification by digital certificate, My Telekom registration or online video registration
  • User personal data management module
  • Funds transfer from VALÚ to users bank account
  • Pasword changes and recovery
  • Block the app online through My VALÚ page
  • Contact management tools (support, contact forms)
  • Link third-party apps into VALÚ with UI
  • Product Marketplace with loyalty program
  • Design, development and implementation of VALÚ website
  • VALÚ account top-up by credit/debit cards by integration of             WS-Pay system


With  a vast know-how of our company we create a useful web application, tailored to your needs and the needs of your customers