Marco+Polo d.o.o. company is one of the largest suppliers of laboratory equipment and supplies in Slovenia, with several thousand customers and hundreds of suppliers.

 After a thorough analysis of their business and order processing, we developed s B2B portal MARKET, which became the most effective tool for customer relations with simplified and transparent communication with all customers. B2B portal has been upgraded also with B2C portal and with a loyalty program for both, where Mikro+Polo can reward its customers for their loyalty


What is provided?

  • Instant overview of the inventory
  • Price adjustments based on the size or importance of the customer (discounts, paybacks)
  • Creating customized offers (favorite items..), saved orders etc.
  • Shipment tracking and delivery notifications (full or partial orders)
  • Consignment support (Špajza)
  • Delivery tracking
  • Support for customers order processes (multilayer confirmation ordering for example


All of the above processes are fully integrated and supported with the company’s ERP system – SAP

10 years of partnership!

In almost 10 years of fruitful cooperation we have crated and implemented many projects: 200g became B2B webstore, integrated with SAP system (the MARKET predecessor), we have redesign the company’s website several times, we have supported the new trademark LabInterior on the web and created a new website offering welding services and products.


We are striving to build long term relationships, where we can grow together with our customers.


The development of the online store is affected by many factors: store size and number of products, automatic products import, payment methods, integration with your ERP system, etc. We provide a thorough UX & UI strategy of the web store and advise and guide you through the whole process.