The platform for intelligent vehicle management is simplifying  the fleet management by enabling the capture of real-time vehicle data, vehicle condition and how the vehicle is being driven and provides for intelligent processing of integrated data and data management of the entire ecosystem.


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Ecosystem of
data and management


OptiTech is a “connected vehicle” platform for processing and management of data from multiple vehicles, integrated with external and internal systems and users.


The key feature of the platform is that is considering and building upon the needs and requirements of different participants, such as drivers, service shops, insurance companies, vehicle manufacturers etc., thus providing an ever- improving user experience and as a consequence an easier fleet management for ecosystem users.


The OptiTech platform consists of: 

  • OBD II "plug & play" device in the vehicle (Onboard Diagnostic processor), connected to the internet, capturing all the data about the vehicle and driving and transmitting the data to the processing center.
  • Communication Center is a communication device with processing center, connecting the vehicle devices with the database of devices, data and users.
  • Analysis Center for processing and data analysis for different ecosystem users.
  • Portal OptiTech for data overview and management of the entire system.

How it works 

The data is generated in real-time from the vehicle and processed in real-time for the use of connected systems (vehicle manufacturer, service shop, insurance company etc.)

  • Daily driving log
  • Driver's score based on driving data and vehicle use
  • Driving efficiency and fuel economy
  • Car diagnostic (DTC codes)
  • Forecasting and planning of vehicle maintenance

All the data is collected in the platform center where it's processed and managed. Through the alerts and action calls, the system is automating the vehicle data management in the entire ecosystem.


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Who is it for?

OptiTech platform is interesting for vehicle users as well as for various target user groups that wish to:

  • Simplify the process of vehicle management and fleet management
  • Save time by automating maintenance management of the fleet vehicles,
  • Collect useful information about vehicle condition and use effectivness, 
  • In general optimize the vehicle data management

For these reasons, the platform is used mostly by:   

  • Vehicle servicing companies
  • Insurance companies,
  • Companies tracking and managing their vehicles 
  • Companies with large fleets that need modern fleet management solutions
  • Other


Connect. Simplify. Digitize. Automate the transfer, processing and management of the vast data collected from your fleet vehicles. We customize the OptiTech platform to your needs and specifics.