Your existing solutions, by moving them to the web technology, transform into a totally new dimension and become accessible at anytime from anywhere.

 With web solutions we can solve the until now un-solvable challenges. 


Our solutions are based on integration of existing applications with our own solutions and knowledge, with the goal of resolving our client’s challenges that cannot be resolved with the standard approach.

B2B & B2C with loyalty programs

Utilize the web and open a store, where your customers can shop 24/7 and get rewarded for their confidence and loyalty.



Custom applications

Tailored mobile and web applications for business purposes are complex digital systems that enable to automate complicated functions and transform the complex into the efficient.


Self-service portals

Self- service system is one of the key elements for the customers excellent experience with the company. The user who can manage its information 24/7 by himself, is a satisfied user



Expert systems

Using artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, expert knowledge and human deduction capabilities for solving problems and eliminating subjective mistakes from the process at the same time. 


Advanced websites and digital tools

Modern, complex, technologically perfected advanced websites, with simple management tools integrated into your business process and adjusted to mobile-first.



Expert welding systems

A modern solution, providing the welders and welding coordinators a total support in generating and managing of welding documentation. With every weld, the database and knowledge base is improved.


Povezava - Seamless delivery. Anytime. Everytime.

With, consumers will never have to pick up their package from the post office again because logistics companies will be able to deliver their packages regardless of whether they are home or not.


Digitalizing your business process

With alternative approach and out of the box thinking, we are opening the doors to new solutions to the until now, unsolvable problems.

  • Your information systems are transferred to the website and are upgraded to the point that they support your entire business process. 
  • For you and your customers, we simplify the management and the supervision of customer orders or other business processes  
  • We network the dislocated units and at the same time provide to the users a decentralized use of the application 
  • We enable the business to be conducted by smart phones, tablets and other media
  • We develop solutions that optimize your work process and make your daily business easy 


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All in one place!

Our project are the result of a team work, with methodologies and experiences from the  diverse backgrounds.  We are a team of developers,strategists and planners you can count on. 

Projects are supported with all necessary services, from the idea to the execution and later, maintenance. Our experience shows that such good practices are the way to achieve the best results.


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Great technology for good foundation

The entire staff is well versed in the different aspects of the web technology. This is the only way to provide for the development and technical implementation of the project on the highest level.

You can also count on us to advise you and guide you with the planning of your information processes, which will later be integrated into the application tailored to your needs



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Together with you, our client, and with our diverse knowledge and proven methodologies, we create useful and scalable web solutions, tailored to your needs and needs of your customers.