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Smart mobile wallet


VALÚ smart wallet is not only a mobile payment method, which is increasingly popular in Slovenia. It is a new generation of financial solutions for a fast and convenient use of intertwined local services with the efficient management of financial resources.


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Portal and application for users and owners of electric car charge stations

"Polnilne postaje"

Simple access to E-mobile way of life with less environmental pollution - anywhere for anyone.



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Web store with loyalty program

Klub T-2

Customer retention based on trust, rewards , benefits and usefulness


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B2B webstore with loyalty program

Mikro+Polo Market

A vast B2B web store, integrated with back-office systems and upgraded with the loyalty system for business partners – a new concept of work optimization



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Self-service portal for energy users

Moja energija

A new generation of self-service portals in Slovenia, providing tracking of consumption as well as settlements of all contractual obligations



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Expert system for welding


ESV is an innovative web tool, providing for efficient work flow and technical work  preparations for the welding industry.



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Support for field services

Reza 3S

Support for clean air solutions in the Middle East


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Self-service portal for owners and users of real estate


Modern solution, providing for a quick and transparent access to real estate and it’s management


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