Appliction provides 

                              - Transparent management of the entire welding documentation (e-business)

- Possibility for automatic generation of WPS documents

- Transparent overview  and export of welding documentation for selected products

- Missing documentation overview (eg. A-tests, WPQR documents etc.) thru a welding plan generation and thru overview of welding documents for each product

- Know-how and competence management of the welders

A two-way communication between the application and the welder provides for capturing of accurate and real parameters used in the process of welding, thus enhancing the know-how database of the company, which is used  to automatically generate WPS documents.

Key advantages:

  • Know-how management has become a part of the overall management of the company
  • Know-how becomes the ownership of the company, ensuring ongoing development. It provides for the flow of know-how information within the company
  • A complete integration of ESV system with the company’s business systems (ERP) ensures a user friendly work interface and is enhancing it’s functionality
  • Automatization of technical welding documentation generation (conforming to the international standards) and automatic adjustment of technical documentation for new developments in production procedures
  • Providing all necessary parameters for digitally operating the most modern welding equipment.
  • Optimization and improving the organization and work procedures (shorter times of preparing the standard welding protocols –WPS, improved quality of data used for production planning, improved data for calculations, improved product quality)
  • Elimination of human errors
  • Ease of use for education and training of new tech personnel

Golden award for innovation

In 2015, Expert Welding System received the regional gold award for innovation by Regional Chamber of Commerce of Koroška and was at the same time nominated for a national gold award.



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