VALÚ smart mobile wallet

VALÚ smart mobile wallet

Slovenia has, as of June 2019, a new mobile wallet called VALÚ, issued by the mobile phone operator Telekom Slovenije. The VALÚ wallet is a modern and simple means of electronic payments, peer to peer money transfers and much, much more. It has replaced the former Telecom wallet Moneta.

VALÚ wallet is the result of a teamwork of three companies who partnered up to provide the best solution possible.

We at Kivi Com have been involved with the project since the inception, when it was just an idea. Throughout the development of two years, we have provided the input of the application logic, especially for the UX and UI component, which we ultimately helped to develop, together with the web services, integrated wallet top-up through WS Pay, developed the marketplace and related loyalty program, develop the VALÚ website etc.

Margento R&D's technology powers the new wallet through its own patented technology of Data Over Voice (DOV) as well as the processing of the transactions and the rest of the back-end systems. has successfully implemented the system into the production environment and is operating the whole program.

Main features of the VALÚ wallet are highlighted below:

  • Payment at the physical locations via the Margento terminal
  • E-commerce payments at verified web stores
  • Sending of funds to another person
  • Receiving funds from another person
  • Bill splitting among friends (restaurant bills, gift buying etc.)
  • Account top-up (for example credit cards, transfer from bank account, cash payment at any Telecom Slovenije counter)
  • Integration with the public transportation providers in Slovenia

Kivi Com, and Margento R&D have proved that partnering great minds and each partner's specific strengths can produce a great result.

Happy birthday VALÚ.


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