Bronze Medal Recognition by Slovenian Chamber of Industry and Crafts, for achievement in: Innovation - Welding Platform

The Day of Innovations, which this year took place in Koroška under the slogan of "Let innovations shine", has celebrated its 15th year of existence. However, this event for us at Kivi is not only exciting for the historical achievement of GZS-OZ, but also because of an exeptional achievemnt of our co-worker, Dr. Ambrož Stropnik, who with his praise worthy work, received a bronze medal recognition by the Chamber of Commerce - Industry and Craft, for the innovation achievement.

The recognition was given for his work on welding platforms, which resulted in the development of an application intended for the welding coordinators and welders, focusing on optimization of work processes and consequent reduction of costs associated with these processes.

Important advantages of the Welding Platform:

  •         Data capture at every welding point and constant upgrading of the knowledge base.
  •         Improved welding quality as a result of acquired know-how. 
  •         Automatic generation of WPS documents
  •         Generation of complete welding documentation for the selected product and documentation management.
  •         Storage of documents in e-form for e-commerce support.